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Published on: 2020-07-10
Category: Products

New requirements : MicroMega focuses on its core business

What products are disappearing and what innovations are to come?

With new requirements emerging, especially within the European Union, 2020 is a pivotal year for medical devices.
What will the impacts be on MicroMega product lines?
What is the state of play?

MicroMega takes stock and anticipates the future

To remedy the discrepancies between the different EU member states, in 2017, the European Parliament voted a new document aimed at ‘bringing together all medical device stakeholders under one regulation system’. The new regulations are seeking to improve ‘traceability and transparency within the EU, as well as ensure greater surveillance of the notified bodies’.

Ultimately, raising the level of requirements allows for better security for the patients, a ‘basic’ principle in complete accordance with MicroMega values, and which we can only welcome, even if it results in real changes.

In practice, these changes will have an impact on our product catalogue, currently in a transition phase following the merger with COLTENE.
Taking advantage of this context, and in view of these developments, MicroMega made the decision to optimise its overall product line.

Today, our century-old brand clearly states its ambitions : to reaffirm its historic know-how, focusing, amongst other things, on the specialties which earned it renown, i.e. endotontic instruments.

Thus, MicroMega will stop producing certain ageing products, with some no longer in line with the new standards, whilst prioritising others. It will also focus on its core business guided by two fundamentals : innovation and quality requirement.

Launched in november 2019, the Remover is a recent example of this. A new ultra-performance file, dedicated to the full root canal filling removal phase, it is the signature instrument of a unique expertise.



  • Alto Surge

  • AX’s


  • Sonic Air MM 1500

  • Turbine statis

  • X-CID2

  • some obsolete spare parts subject to stock availibility – for more information, please contact us.

Products will be available from MicroMega until 31/03/2020 or until no longer in stock.



They will no longer be sold by MicroMega in France, but directly distributed by our European platform based in Germany.

See the list of products no longer in the catalogue.


Marina Kunz
Phone: +49 75 61 98 34 36 10



Customer service will be provided by our partner, la Clinique de l’Instrument, for more information, click here.

All warranties currently offered will be upheld, including on products no longer in the catalogue.

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