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Internationally recognized knowhow

Micro-Mega, whose history dates back to 1905, has always been at the forefront of technology and holds internationally recognized knowhow in the design, manufacture and marketing of medical devices for use by Dental Specialists around the world (root canal instruments, obturation, handpieces and instrument hygiene).

Through its technical expertise, its capacity for innovation and its commitment to quality Micro-Mega continue to offer solutions based on high-tech medical products.

Our replay webinars

Missed one of our webinars? Take a look at the different replay available in our media library!



At Micro-Mega, at each manufacturing stage and at any given moment, our motto is “Total Quality”.

For us, quality is much more than a step in the manufacturing process. At Micro-Mega, quality is a complete process with continuous control that involves all our products and services, comprises counseling and training in the use of our products, and includes the constant evolution of our products and services in order to match the customer’s evolving needs and operating practices.

The Micro-Mega quality management system is certified according to ISO 13485:2016

After-sale service

MicroMega is optimising its After Sales Service by strengthening its collaboration with la Clinique de l’Instrument specialists, who, since 2017, are already responsible for part of our After Sales Service. The extended collaboration means even better After Sales Service, thanks to skills built over thirty years of experience in the field of rotary instrument repairs.