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Endodontic retreatment: the R-ENDO solution

Endodontic retreatment is needed in case of the failure of an initial endodontic treatment. This difficult procedure consists of 2 steps: coronal conditioning followed by the canal re-preparation.

Developed by Micro-Mega, R-ENDO is a total concept dedicated to retreatment. Perfectly adapted to the materials generally encountered during endodontic re-treatment such as Gutta Percha or filling pastes and combined with a simple and safe protocol, this single unique method is used to remove filling materials and to finish the root canal. No separate shaping step is required. R-ENDO files have been especially designed in terms of tapers, picthes and lengths for a progressive access to each zone of the canal space.

R-ENDO comprises a stainless steel Rm handfile used to break the hard layer of filling material and 4 NiTi instruments in continuous rotation for flaring (Re) and progressive shaping of the 3 root canal areas (R1, R2 et R3).

2-in-1 sequence

  • A single, unique method to remove filling materials and finish the root canal
  • A simple and easy to remember protocol
  • Efficient removal of the previous filling material and parietal cleaning
  • Allows obturation with usual filling methods

Secure progressive access to the apical third

  • Respect of the initial canal path
  • Reproducible results
  • Inactive tips, eliminating the risk of deviation or perforation

Clinical cases

Frequently asked questions