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One Flare, a heat-treated sterile Nickel Titanium flaring instrument for multiple use

One Flare is a NiTi instrument in heat treatment T•Wire to be used at the beginning of the treatment in order to eliminate axial coronal constraints. This step is essential to avoid strains on the shaping instruments and thus limit the risk of premature instrument breakage.

Safe progression

  • Efficient and easier centering of the hand file used for glide path
  • Unhindered action of the hand file to facilitate the penetration beyond its first insertion
  • Limited risk of fracture for the succeeding instruments by facilitating the straight line access to the middle and then to the apical third

Elimination of the interferences at the root canal entrance through a selective brushing action of the instrument

  • Exposition of the canal entrances
  • Reduced risk of shaping instruments snagging on canal walls during insertion

Improved flexibility, resistance and security

  • +50% more flexible than previous EndoFlare instrument through T•Wire

Clinical cases