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STATIS turbine, designed without compromise

Micro-Mega has combined its expertise with the most renowned German engineers of dental turbines in order to develop a range of highest-quality turbines for optimal efficiency: the STATIS turbines. Designed by the studio of a prestigious and world-famous automobile manufacturer, they are avant-garde, ergonomically perfect and ideal to handle. In order to meet the requirements of the most demanding interventions, the STATIS turbines are available with two different head dimensions: miniature head or standard head. Extremely precise, wonderfully quiet, supremely powerful… with the smallest head ever created.

Perfect ergonomics

  • Unmistakable line drawn by a prestigious designer for a perfectly balanced handling
  • Shadow-free and excellent illumination to enjoy the best views of the preparation site without straining the eyes (25000 LUX)
  • Optimum cooling of the tooth and the bur

Extended useful life

  • Stainless steel material which makes turbines extremely long-lasting
  • New coating for better grip and perfect resistance to all impacts
  • Innovative cage material with improved lubrication with benefits of lower failure rates
  • New chuck mechanism providing higher precision and improved centric running to reduce operating noise