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2Shape, Sequence of 2 shaping instruments in continuous rotation

2Shape is a sequence with 2 shaping files in continuous rotation which have been heat-treated using the T•Wire technology. The instruments’ flexibility provides user comfort and an outstanding negotiation of curvatures. The instruments return to their initial shape after each use. 2Shape is suitable for just about all treatments*.

*except rare anatomical aberrations

Simplified endodontics

  • Intuitive sequence
  • 2 shaping instruments in continuous rotation directly at the working length

Safe endodontics with T•Wire

  • Increased resistance to instrument fracture (+40%)
  • More flexibility for a better negotiation of curvatures
  • The two instruments return to their original shape after each use

Efficient endodontics

  • The perfect compromise between cutting efficiency and debris removal
  • Increased efficacy of the circumferential brushing movements for efficient selective cleaning

Videos - Clinical cases