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HEROfill, endodontic obturation system

Obturation guarantees the three-dimensional sealing of canals and conditions the success of the endodontic treatment in the long term. The HEROfill system is a 3rd generation endodontic obturator which was developed to allow the practitioner a fast and reliable means of obturating a root canal. The HEROfill kit is composed of verifiers to control the shaping and define the working length, obturators based on the principle of a solid biocompatible plastic core coated with thermoplastic Gutta Percha and an oven.

Easier obturation

  • Obturators composed of a detachable set of plastic handle and metal insertion pin
  • Adjustable working length
  • Hollow carrier for easier post space preparation
  • Flexible plastic carrier to better negotiate curved canals

Fast and reliable obturation

  • Easy pre-control through HEROfill Verifiers
  • Fast heating
  • Radiopaque plastic carrier and Gutta Percha