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Published on : 2021-05-12
Category : Products

Ready to explore opposite directions with MicroMega One RECI?

The single file in reciprocating motion

COLTENE MicroMega is responding to the needs of dentists with its new reciprocal file.

More and more dentists are reporting that reciprocating motion provides greater comfort and safety.

That’s why we offer MicroMega One RECI, a unique reciprocating file with the latest MicroMega innovations.


MicroMega’s expertise and knowledge are combined in this instrument with a patented cutting section, C.Wire heat treatment and a minimally invasive wire diameter.


Patented asymmetric section


Resistance to cyclic fatigue (1)


Respect of the canal anatomy thanks to the C.Wire heat treatment (2)


Preservation of the peri cervical area and reduction of the mechanical impact on the dental tissue thanks to the 1 mm wire diameter (3)

> 5 sizes

20/ .04
25/ .04
25/ .06
35/ .04
45/ .04

> 3 lengths

21 mm
25 mm
31 mm


Click on the link below to download the list of MicroMega One RECI references

All about MicroMega One RECI




Single use

Ready-to-use files that comply with current infection control recommendations.

Sterile blisters

No risk of crosscontamination and reduced risk of instrument fracture.


Reciprocating motion


Feeling of comfort and safety (3)

Limited screwing effect (4)

Less breakage (1)

Due to reduced torsional stress and increased resistance to cyclic fatigue

Feeling of a soft instrument (3)


MicroMega expertise


MicroMega puts its expertise and know-how at the service of MicroMega One RECI, a unique file in reciprocity.

The file is certified “Origine France Garantie“.

115 years of technical history with a significant acceleration of its industrial transformation to meet the highest standards of manufacturing.

Take off on April 12, 2021

(1)Gianluca Plotino, DDS, PhD,* Hany Mohamed Aly Ahmed, BDS, HDD (Endo), PhD,† Nicola Maria Grande, DDS, PhD,‡ Stephen Cohen, MA, DDS, FICD, and Frederic Bukiet, DDS, MSc, PhD. Current Assessment of Reciprocation in Endodontic Preparation: A Comprehensive Review—Part II: Properties and Effectiveness

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(4)MicroMega data – Pre-clinical qualification of the One RECI products in the frame of the Reciprocating File project – Davide MANCINO