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Published on : 2021-01-27
Category : Products

Handfiles sold as sterile blisters only

Blisters of 6 instruments, new length available

The perfect asepsis of invasive endodontic instruments must be guaranteed before each use. Sterilizing the instruments in the office requires the utmost seriousness from dentists and staff, and is time consuming, whereas the global COVID-19 pandemic has already largely contracted available time.

As announced in 2020, MicroMega is focusing on sales of instruments that have undergone the complete sterilization process at the end of the manufacturing cycle – cleaning, packaging and sterilization according to European industry standards. This strategy offers two important benefits to the practitioners:

  • preparatory steps are simplified, root canal instruments are ready to use
  • due to COVID-19, patients are much more aware and concerned about hygiene problems, so, opening a sterile blister pack in front of them just before the treatment may be of reassurance

As of March 1st, 2021 (date of 2021 Coltene price list release), non-sterile handfiles are removed from the catalog*.

Handfiles usually stand for K-files, K-reamers and Hedstroem Files (H-files).

In addition to the sterile blister packaging, handfiles are now sold by 6 identical or assorted instruments and a brand new length appears.


* For countries outside Europe: please get in touch with your sales manager

To download the list of all the part numbers of sterile handfiles as blisters of 6 instruments, as well as their correspondence with the obsolete ones of ROEKO handfiles, blisters containing only 5 instruments and non-sterile plates,

click on the link below

Summary of all the changes applied to handfiles

Sterile blisters only

Packaged as 6 identical or assorted instruments

New length available (31 mm)

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