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Published : 2020-10-05
Category : Products

On the road to a simpler infection control

100% pre-sterilized portfolio in response to a complex sanitary context

Pre-sterilized instruments have clear advantages that the unprecedented sanitary crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic further highlights.

In this particular context, MicroMega is pursuing its pro-active approach keeping the safety of patients, practitioners and dental staff at the center of its concern and is committed to a deep products refresh. The complete consumables portfolio will be 100% pre-sterilized.

Support will be offered at each stage of the implementation of this policy of strengthening safety.

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    All unsterile packs will be removed from the catalog by the end of 2021.

What are the key benefits of industrially cleaned and pre-sterilized endo instruments?

Using instruments pre-sterilized by the manufacturer offers benefits that no longer need to be demonstrated and tends to feed best practices in dental offices. MicroMega’s instruments are sterilized according to the highest European legal standards.

A small action to reassure patients

The general climate created around the COVID-19 is a stressful additional factor for a patient awaiting an endodontic treatment.

A patient may be reassured by receiving detailed explanations about the therapeutic protocol itself but also through any evidence that precautions are taken by the dentist to operate in the best sanitary conditions.

Opening a pre-sterile blister in front of the patient is for him a visual confirmation that the dentist is doing his best to ensure safety.

Priority to the endo treatment

Endodontics is a high demanding discipline, requiring concentration and thoroughness over very long periods of time, sometimes under a microscope, to ensure the best patient care.

Even if “Slow dentistry” is a growing trend to combat the pressure of performing and achieving instant results in the dental industry, the systematic use of pre-sterilized instruments is a universal key principle that drastically simplifies and shortens the preparation workflow for time and costs reduction.

Instruments are ready to use and the practitioner can devote more time to the clinical aspect of the treatment itself.

Sterilization being guaranteed by the manufacturer subject to uncompromising European regulations, the practitioner can initiate a root canal treatment with confidence.

Sterile and single-use, the perfect duo

Pre-sterilisation applied to single-use instruments encourages dental practitioners to adopt the best practices with regards to asepsis.

This perfect duo eliminates the risk of cross-contamination between patients, while reducing exposure of the cleaning and disinfection personnel.

However, to meet any usual daily practices, MicroMega will still offer pre-sterilized multiple-use instruments.

Sterile blister of 6 instruments


Hand files packaged in sterile blisters of 6 instruments

To meet current practices in the dental market, existing pre-sterilized hand files will be sold in blister of instruments rather than 5. The effective application date is end of 2020.

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