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Published on: 2020-11-16
Category: Products

More flexibility to purchase blisters or packs

You want to purchase blisters or packs of root canal instruments per unit?
It is now possible under certain conditions!


Packs and blisters may be purchased per unit from a minimum bill’s total according to the current sales conditions.
Specific conditions apply depending on the type of packaging described below.

Conditions to purchase blisters per unit (sterile packaging)

Purchasing sterile blisters per unit is feasible without extra cost for the following root canal instruments:

  • One G
  • One Flare
  • 2Shape
  • One Curve
  • Remover
  • HandFiles B6

Conditions to purchase packs per unit (unsterile packaging)

An extra cost of 15% is applied to unsterile pack perchased per unit.

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