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MicroMega One RECI, unique reciprocating file for exploring opposite directions.

MicroMega One RECI is a single-use reciprocating instrument for root canal shaping.

Made of Nickel Titanium, MicroMega One RECI, thanks to its C.Wire heat treatment and a patented variable cutting section design, offers excellent compromise between flexibility and cutting efficiency. The reciprocating motion of MicroMega One RECI offers safety, resistance to cyclic fatigue and comfort of use.

Watch the presentation movie of the MicroMega One RECI:

  • SAFETY: resistance to cyclic fatigue thanks to its heat treatment and reciprocating motion. (1)


  • CUTTING EFFICIENCY: its asymmetrical and variable section increases cutting efficiency and facilitates the removal of debris. Its section guarantees a centering of the file in the canal. (1)


  • FLEXIBILITY: its C.Wire heat treatment gives MicroMega One RECI its flexibility and its controlled memory which allows the file to be pre-bent. The root canal anatomy is thus respected. (2)


  • MINIMALLY INVASIVE: its 1mm wire diameter preserves the peri-cervical part of the canal and the surrounding dental tissue. (3 & 4)

MicroMega One RECI
Advertising – CE 0459. Year of CE-marking : 2021. Medical device class IIA according to directive 93/42/EEC. Notified body: LNE/G-MED.

Medical device for dental care, meant for professional dental use only.

See product labelling and instructions for use.

Legal manufacturer: Micro-Mega SA

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