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One Curve, the Endo DNA

Manufactured from heat-treated Nickel-Titanium alloy, One Curve is a single-use, rotary file that enables shaping of the full length of the canal with a single instrument, directly to the apex.

C. Wire is a proprietary process, exclusively developed and implemented by Micro-Mega for One Curve.

Combined with the patented design, C.Wire defines One Curve’s personality traits as its own DNA: One Curve is a smart, efficient and conservative instrument.

A smart instrument

  • Only one instrument to reduce the mechanical shaping time
  • Single use to cancel the risks of cross contamination for serenity during the treatment and health safety for the patients

An efficient instrument

  • Increased blade flexibility and more fracture resistance for higher overall security
  • Exclusive proprietary C.Wire heat treatment: controlled memory of NiTi and ability to pre-bend the file for easier access to the root canal and elimination of constraints
  • Perfect taper and diameter for a final shaping that meets standards of an optimized cleaning
  • Respect of the original anatomy of the tooth

A conservative instrument

  • Patented variable cross-section all along the blade for a centering ability in the apical third and an excellent debris removal up to the medium and coronal parts
  • Proven cutting efficiency
  • Simple protocol with a direct downward movement to the working length

Videos - Clinical cases