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Dual pex, electronic apex locator - Stand alone or combined with Dual Move

Dual Pex is a robust and easy-to-use electronic apex locator. The 4-frequencies technology lets Dual Pex estimate the working length when used in stand-alone mode or monitor the position of the file inside the root canal when used in combination with the Dual Move cordless endo motor, whatever the battery level and the conditions in the explored root canal (wet or dry environment, no continuous close contact between the file and the canal’s walls…).


Electronic personal companion

  • Robust device with a compact design, that can be easily positioned close to the patient
  • Minimalist display to maintain a focus on the essentials
  • Adjustable reference point between the apical constriction and the apical foramen

Range of applications

  • Working length determination in stand alone mode
  • Surpervision of the file’s progression in the canal in combination with Dual Move

Finer-scale approach of the apical limit

  • 7 visual steps between the apical constriction and the apical foramen
  • Accuracy whatever the conditions of the explored root canal (multi-frequencies technology) and the battery level
  • Plug & PLay auto-tester