MICRO-MEGA – A worldwide success story

For over a century, MICRO-MEGA has been designing and manufacturing dental surgical instruments in the heart of Besançon, the French clock-making and micro-technology capital. Hidden in a residential area, the worldwide recognized specialists in endodontic products produce high-quality instruments for dental professionals all over the world.

All the different stages of product development – from the design, to the production, to the sale and to the ultimate shipping of the products – are joined under one roof, which provides MICRO-MEGA with a perfect process of product control.

MICRO-MEGA products are distributed through over 250 authorized local dealers in France and more than 125 countries worldwide.

Through MICRO-MEGA’s authorized dealer network, the company’s sales representatives provide up-to-date clinical advice and assistance to dental professionals throughout the world.

MICRO-MEGA’s representatives are present at dental events and exhibitions and are available to answer customer inquiries and suggestions, which contributes to the constant improvement of the company’s products and the development of new and innovative instruments which perfectly respond to customer and market needs.

MICRO-MEGA – A member of the Sanavis Group

The Sanavis Group has been uniting three of the leading specialists in hygiene, dental instruments and high-tech drives worldwide since 2009 : SciCanWith its offices in Canada (HQ), USA, Switzerland and Germany, SciCan offers its customers complete solutions for infection control in the dental and medical markets, as well as comprehensive consulting, training and support services. http://www.scican.com from Canada, MICRO-MEGA from France and SycotecBased in Germany, SycoTec designs and manufactures innovative motors and drives for industrial applications as well as OEM products in the dental and healthcare industry. http://www.sycotec.eu from Germany. With its approximately 700 employees, the Sanavis Group is one of the ten largest providers of dental equipment products worldwide.

MICRO-MEGA – a success story made in France

In 1905 Etienne Garnier created his clock-making spare parts workshop in the French city of Besançon, the cradle of clock-making. But shortly after his start-up, the founder of MICRO-MEGA embarked on a slightly different adventure…

A simple request from a friend changed his life. His friend, a dentist, asked the young workshop owner to design a tiny instrument for cleaning out root canals. The instrument, which was (and is) as precise as a watch component, became to be known as a nerve-broach. In 1907 the first prototypes left Garnier’s workshop… and brought fame and a worldwide reputation to the family business.

During the following decades a multiplicity of dental instruments and devices supplemented the company’s product range: endodontic files, handpieces and contra-angles, turbines and air motors, reprocessing and hygiene devices… MICRO-MEGA stayed on the cutting-edge of technology.

MICRO-MEGA – A constant source of innovation


The first nerve-broach leaves the workshop and brings worldwide fame to the French family business


GIROMATIC, the first contra-angle for the mechanical preparation of root canals, still used by thousands of dentists throughout the world


Sonic Air MM 1500 and MECASONIC MM 1400, a device which transmits acoustic waves along the length of special endodontic instruments. MICRO-MEGA continued to be at the cutting-edge of endodontic technology


Turbocid, the first device which cleans, lubricates and disinfects both the inside and outside of handpieces and contra-angles without heat


HERO 642 and first Nickel-Titanium instruments


HERO Shaper and ENDOFLARE methods


R-ENDO, the sequence for the endodontic retreatment


X-cid 2, successor of Turbocid


Revo-S, NiTi endodontic sequence with only 3 instruments


Sanao contra-angles and G-files, files for catheterism


One Shape, instrument unique de mise en forme en rotation continue


MM.control, endo motor with torque and speed control + integrated apex Locator


One G, the single file for glide path development


One Flare, Ni-Ti instrument for flaring, first heat-treated instrument (T•Wire technology)


2Shape, 2 files to shape and EndoUltra, ultrasonic cordless activator